June 30, 2014

Monday Monday – Be good to me

Storm yesterday was kinda scary. Sirens went off and shit. Scared the begeeeezus out of the kids.

Our first counseling session is tonight. I’m so frustrated I don’t even know if I’m going. Not sure it can be fixed, and that means I have a choice to make. Live like this forever, or scrap 25 years and search for someone or something I might never find. He just isn’t the same. He claims he is. Whatever. Last night he stayed up late and slept on the couch. I’m sure he just fell asleep there, but he knows I hate sleeping alone. It’s just like he doesn’t care anymore if he hurts my feelings. But I’m not supposed to bitch or nag about anything, so I guess I will keep it to myself until I burst.


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  1. Re-read June 9th’s post! Seriously, I’ve been married for 38 years. What you are wanting and needing is an elusive thing and is rarely found in any man. I’m not saying they (those men) aren’t out there. Just go read what you said again.

    Donna | June 30, 2014 | 1:28 pm

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