June 16, 2014

because i’m happy………….. get that shit in your head. it was catchy for 5 minutes. now it induces shrieks inside my brain.

my sister is out with mother. shopping. for groceries. while i feel for her, she wasn’t the one mom WANTED help with pulling up her pants at the dressing room at pennys. yes i was able to get out of it because i ran when i heard her mention help, and the poor salesperson had to help her. ok, so maybe ALMOST doing something versus doing something else aren’t the same, but you just don’t know. we’ve both had to wash her balding head/hair. egads. i’d rather eat a steaming pile of dog shit than do it again. not kidding.

kids and i are going to the pool today with ms and the boys. with no car, it’s a scramble, but we have it figured out. older boys first to secure a spot, she gets us second. perfect. i’ll pay her gas since that’s utter bullshit we have to even do this, but i guess you do what you do for fun in the sun.

mb3 is joining the airforce now. did i mention that already? md said without college he won’t be flying, so i was breathing easier. till mb3 said, maybe not, but i can still be a door gunner. wtf?

i’m deathly afraid obama has screwed us into a corner that will necessitate the draft when this war – because we are still at war [and furthermore, if we fucking quit or stop too soon, those men and women that we have lost will have died for nothing. nothing as the war will be rammed down our throats –  in our own front yards this time.] . or maybe it’ll be a civilian calltoarms like Iraq is doing now because we FUCKING LEFT THEM WHEN THEY WERE JUST LEARNING TO WALK AND STILL HAD BAMBI LEGS.

ok, i’m out. this shit thoroughly stresses me out.

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  1. Obama has painted himself into a political corner and doesn’t know wtf to do now because either way, he’s pissing people off. He simply doesn’t have the balls to do what needs to be done- he’s more concerned about image than what’s right and necessary. JMHO.

    Michael is USAF. I’m sure he would be happy to answer any questions if your son has any.

    Michelle | June 16, 2014 | 8:58 am

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