May 27, 2014


I can’t remember to take pics to save my life. Everyone was here yesterday and I forgot again! Damn me.

Air in the house is broken. Air in the van is broken. This serves as a warning to anyone that wants to stand next to me. I wouldn’t. I’m a little ripe.

I am trying to wash my washing machine. I’ve used baking soda – vinegar – bleach. Still waiting for the bleach to finish. Hopefully that will kill that horrid mildew smell in the washer. It’s making all the clothes smell like cat pee. Nice. ANyone have a trick to getting those bitches clean? Guess I’ll break down and buy the tide cleaners. FOr a million bucks.

I did manage to pick up the house today and do the laundry. I also worked on our volleyball tourney shirt logo. Can’t believe that is coming up again. Time flies and all that.

My glasses broke. MY new ones. Just the nose piece, but still. I hardly wear those sumbitches. Guess I”m wearing my old ones for awhile.


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  1. After D does her nasty smearing thing, I have to launder all of her bedding and nightclothes. I toss in a scoop of Borax and a cup of washing soda along with the detergent and rinse with vinegar. A little Tide goes a long way- just buy a small bottle and use 2-3 TBS with your usual detergent. Tide is so strongly scented that it doesn’t take much. Gain is usually cheaper and is actually way more fragrant than even Tide.

    Michelle | May 27, 2014 | 4:03 pm

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