May 16, 2014

Have a wonderful evening…….

Much better mood. Didn’t fix a fucking thing yet, but tonight is our bowling night – go ahead. I’ll wait while you chuckle.

Anyhoooo, ………. oh well shit. Now I have to explain. We try not to spend more than $40 on date night, and that’s kind of hard. So we’re creative. $26 for us both and a free pizza to boot. Now I just need me a Pink Ladies jacket, and I’ll be all set.

Ok, so I’m not to keen on bowling every friday. Or I wasn’t. But I said fuck it to the bills and tried to have a good time. And I did. I relaxed and laughed and that shit doesn’t come around all that often these days. I know we’ll figure out the bills. I know things are going to get better – and I won’t even knock …. knock knock. DAMMIT. I make it a rule not to go back and change any errors or any brain errors – which means I typed this shit out the second it pops into my head because I figured, hey, this is my blog and I can say what I want. I want my kids to read this and be able to HEAR me. Hear my …. truth. The real me. Brain damage and all. Sometimes I write things that I shouldn’t. But I don’t erase. Try not to anyway. I read it once to find big spelling mistakes, but I don’t erase. And I don’t use a filter when I speak in my head. Is this making sense? Then I hit publish and go on with life.

ANyANYway ————— WE had fun. And I kicked ass the last game. Well, until my thumb swelled up from the damn tiny ball hole and the last game it kept ‘popping’ out of the ball as I let go. Embarrassing, and painful. But I kicked ass still. Everyone else was just getting tired since they throw the balls correctly and I just lob the sumbitch down there.

But it was exactly what I needed, and I’m grateful for it. And MD and I got a chance to talk – relaxed – and it was nice. I remembered why I married him. Then he crop-dusted the place and I remembered why I divorced him.


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  1. *lol*… God, I love you two…
    That crop-dusting the area thing would be a reason to marry the guy to me, though… (Don’t mind me… I remain in some ways as mentally irregular as ever. *smile*)

    And, yes, you *can* train a cat to do some things.
    I used to have a cat who’d fetch beer caps that were finger-snapped/shot across the room.
    He’d do it for as long as you’d shoot the caps for him. And, I tried it with him because a friend’s cat did it too, so it wasn’t just my cat.

    The secret to “training” a cat is similar to that of men… it’s ever s’much easier to do if you get them to think it’s what THEY wanna do in the first place.
    That, and a LOT of positive reinforcement…

    I’ve told you before and I’m tellin’ you again (and I’m pretty sure I’ll say it many more times)… your strength friggin’ AMAZES me.

    I found Rob in 2003 and you shortly thereafter, so I’ve been reading you for about 10 years so I know what I’m talking about.

    Let me put it this way… it’s said that kids are a reflection of their parents.

    Angie, yours shine on you like diamonds.

    Not only do you manage to get through every day, good or bad, that God sends, you do it with grace (whether you think so or not), humor, empathy, love and wisdom born of that tremendous love that embodies your family.

    You ROCK.
    And, since I know you tend to forget that about yourself, I just wanna remind you every now and again.

    I swear, if you could see yourself through my eyes, not only would you be floored at how strong and beautiful a spirit you have, you’d probably also be a little easier on yourself on a day-to-day basis.
    No way would you want anybody *beating up on her… not even her (you).
    (*Mentally, emotionally, verbally… not at ALL. I believe that, much like me, you’ll never be an egomaniac, so please do feel free to see and believe in the absolute and true goodness in yourself and maybe even mention it once in a while… *smile*)

    Thank you for all that you do every single day and for sharing your incredible life story.

    Stevie | May 20, 2014 | 4:46 am

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