May 5, 2014

hello new meds – ouch

Waiting for the kids to finish dinner and get busy doing what they do so I can lock myself in my room for two hours and take this final. Bah.

MD has a game tonight, so he can’t play Ian’s fetch bitch – so I have to occupy him and get him settled with his drink and snack. Bah.

That new med?

2014-05-05 12.11.13

That’s one expensive bitch.  Cost me $40. Thank the Lawd.

Doc said it’s very new and it’ll be 7-8 years before a generic is allowed. So 1706 A MONTH for 7-8 years? Yeah, anyone could afford that. Gawd.



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  1. Such bullshit. Pharma-companies really screw us over.

    Mom’s eye drop prescription that lasts 19 days is $84. That is her co-pay. We talked about how other people must have to LOSE their eyesight.

    Her every-three-weeks chemo treatment is $18,000. Her co-pay is $1200. Thank God for grants.

    It is a sad, sad state affairs.

    Susan | May 5, 2014 | 7:28 pm

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