April 21, 2014


MD is nervous. He fiddled with his appearance for 30 minutes. Business Account Executive. He deserves it. He’s wanted so long for a real sales job.  WHY in the world boggles the mind, but he wanted one. And yes, I know he’s very good at it, but still. Yes, I’m nervous too, but for different reasons. Number one, what is a ramp and how much is it? Will we be making at least the same as what we’re making now? Which isn’t squat, but at least we’re surviving. Any less and we won’t. And it has to be enough to cover the ssi we’ll be losing. Damn, probably lose the health care too.  Hopefully not for ian, because we applied for the disabled insurance, but she said thanks to Obama care, there are 18,000 other people ahead of us. Splendid. He has some pretty hefty appointments coming up – pulmo appt, kidney scan, bone scan. I don’t even want to know how much it is. Got a bill – a BILL for his wheelchair. The insurance company didn’t buy, they are renting it. ???? When the insurance stopped, they held payments for 3 months. Now they want money. 1440 a month. Sweet. Bana and Ian and MB4 need glasses. They all need to hit the dentist. ANd MB3 has that knot on his head still and his headaches are worse – he REALLY needs to be seen. I’ll probably take him anyway. Maybe tomorrow. I’ll just use the health card.

Please let this job :

be what md has been waiting for

pay enough for us to pay bills and survive (and maybe bk once in awhile)

not take him away from us too much for too long- i’m afraid of travel and late nights

be the path md is supposed to be on so things will fall into place


ANd please let me  pass psych. ANd history. and economics. and computers. and colloquium. and anything else i take – and will study for. I don’t expect shit for free. :-)



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  1. Congrats to MD! Something tells me that your family has turned to corner to betterland…

    Jilly | April 21, 2014 | 4:45 pm

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