April 18, 2014

what a beautiful day

About to head to class. Must get started on homework tonight. I’m slacking again after getting caught up. Stupid.

MD’s 4th interview went well. Asked him again if his bosses knew he was interviewing. Se the guy said good, i like you, and we’ll see what theresa says.

? Is that good? Our heads are spinning after some of the numbers he was quoting. He wasn’t crazy though. He said it’d take awhile to get to the wow money level. Said it all depends on how much you’re willing to work. Guys in this position in this region are making between 75-225. Where do we sign up? He said realistically, while he may have ONE OR TWO guys making that top money, normal is about 125-150. Said you could sleep and make the 75. But those are salesmen talking. Like MD. I could sell my ass off and not even come close to ten bucks. I’m truly amazed at how well some people can …. talk.

I got the assignment done for today. Project rather. I have the project done for monday. I have the paper mostly written for tuesday, and now she tells us it’s not due till NEXT tuesday. so i guess i’m up on that. think I’ll still have it done for tuesday. I have the book read for my book review. … bore bore bore. anyway, i’m on it. except for pysch. i got to get to stepping on that.

People that are ignorant to mental illness don’t bother me. People that are ignorant to mental illness and can’t keep their mouth shut bothers me. If you have no idea what you’re talking about, and if you’ve never suffered from a mental illness, you have not one fucking clue, you should keep your opinions to yourself.

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  1. Some opinionated people are suffering and have no clue therefore the rest of us suffer too.

    Michelle | April 18, 2014 | 1:10 pm

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