January 12, 2014


Ran in to the psy prof today. SHe was asking about my studies and we started talking about majors and how computers and psych could mesh together, and her eyes grew real wide and she said – you could be a factor! Wasn’t sure what that meant, so we talked a little about it and im going to her office this week to talk some more. HUman factors merge new technology with humans. Like the people that invented the reach toothbrush or the ergonomic keyboard. It’s about health safety and productivity. Technology and psychology. Hot damn. But it requires a masters. I’ll talk to her and find out more info. SO glad I picked psych2 this semester.

On that note, I’m off get ready for tomorrow. Feels weird to only have one class tomorrow.

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  1. Whoot!!

    Susan | January 12, 2014 | 7:21 pm

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