January 10, 2014

Drive by…

Have me a  nice headache.

Had my appt yesterday. She wants me on the adderall, and lower the wellbutrin. She thinks it’s simply too many pick-me-ups with 3 antidepressants and one stimulant. But she said that I actually need the adderall to complete the picture. ESPECIALLY when the only way I can get any sleep is to take the adderall. On the days that I skip? I”m up at 3:30am. So she said that tells her that it’s been the piece I’ve been missing. Thank gawd, because that’s how I feel, but I agree that something has to come down or else my aggression is really going to cause a problem. So, it’s the wellbutrin. We’ll see how it goes.

THen she made me cry. Talking about Ian and how he’s stronger than we think and we should give him hints of what’s to come WHEN HE ASKS US. She said one day he’s going to ask me if this disease is going to kill him. SHe wants me to answer honestly. Geezus. BUT – in a special way. Like, It’s possible, yes, but we have to hope and pray that they’ll find a cure. Hopefully that shit is YEARS away. I’m talking YEARS….

MD got me a laptop with his winnings from the contest at work. He won first. Then spent the $1000 on a new laptop for me for school and a few other things. But mainly this baby. Very nice. Camera kinda bugs me. I feel like people are watching me. Then again, how boring if they were watching me.



I rarely do something exciting. Well, I have laundry to do. How sexy. Rawr.

I bought the kitten some yarn. She yanked the receipt from the bag and has been playing with it for half an hour. Fuck the yarn. Bitch.

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  1. I have my camera covered with the strip from the top of a post it.

    I work from home using a voip phone that has video capabilities..

    Since there are days that I’m in my jammies with bedhead, With my luck I’d hit the wrong button and scare the hell out of a client.

    Hilarious, yes, but I’d like to keep my job..

    Wendy | January 10, 2014 | 4:49 pm

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