December 29, 2013

it’s happening…

Thanks to medical advancements and DNA sequencing, people will soon be able to hand-pick their children’s genes. They’ll be able to select physical traits, like hair and eye color, as well as talents and health factors. By selecting the perfect genes, parents and scientists will be able to create the healthiest, happiest, most perfect children who have the longest life-expectancy possible.

When that happens, traditional conception will seem too risky. The baby might get bad genes.  Expectant mothers risk unforeseen accidents. Or they might consume something harmful. Their children can be born with birth defects or diseases for no apparent reason.

Why leave something as important as your children to chance, when science can ensure they are perfect?  

what the fuck. does anyone besides me get the willies after reading this? i have a  child with a disease, and even i’m not game for playing God.

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  1. That turned my stomach.

    Wendy | December 29, 2013 | 4:47 pm

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