December 23, 2013

Day whatever of break….

Man, I am loving this Wii U. The 5 kiddos can play the 5 player games together without fighting.


Never mind, I hear bitching. One moment please…….

Ok, I swear Ian would whine and complain about winning 500 million dollars.

I have dinner dishes to do. What I really want to do is an update – so I think I will – the day after Christmas. I’ll get pictures from everyone first. Current ones. Should I include the Girlfriend? She ‘s the first real serious girlfriend for MB2. I have a feeling she’ll be the last. And I’m over the moon about it. She’s pretty, feisty, kind, funny, friendly – and my boy is hopelessly in love with her. Please let this work out wonderfully for him.

Now to handpick girls for the other ones. MB2 is lucky I approve of Girlfriend, or else I’d have to toss her and go get someone else.  Think the boys would have a problem with this?  I have good taste….

Damn. I just depressed myself. Depending how long you’ve been around it might depress you too…..


My baby boy – MB2 – when I began this blog 11 years ago.  He was 10. Now he’s 21 and dangerously close to settling down. Where does the time go my friends?


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  1. 21???? 21!!!!????!!!!! WTFFFFFF?

    Hope you had an amazing Christmas Ang.

    Wendy | December 26, 2013 | 7:39 am

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