December 16, 2013

No music. How sad.

Not really feeling like doing much of anything. Blahsville.

You know that internal meter thingy that just knows what day it is? Mine broke. I keep a calendar with me with the days x’ed off so I know what day it is.

You know that crazy way of spelling words with the correct letters? Broken. I write  ….. well, at least one misspelled word a paragraph – I consistently spell words with a letter missing. Doesn’t matter if I am typing or using the ink pen. It’s always just one letter missing. It’s to the point now where I just keep going without fixing them on my notes.

You know that feeling you get when suddenly nothing looks familiar and you can’t remember who you are or who anyone else is and you dont know where you are or how you got there or what you’re supposed to be doing right now? No? Shit. This is happening more and more. And it keeps happening when I’m driving, and I honest to God can’t remember if I know how to drive. I usually wait until it passes. Takes a minute or two. Scaring the living bewillies out of me.

Panic Attacks maybe? I’ve never heard of them acting like this,  but I learn something every day.

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  1. This needs to be mentioned to your doc ASAP. If not for your sake then your children’s. You don’t want this happening when you’re actually driving- just using that as one example. It’s not normal and my guess is that it’s a med side effect and needs to be mentioned.

    Michelle | December 16, 2013 | 2:57 pm

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