December 9, 2013

hi there

Took care of the teacher issue. he thought ian wanted to be like the other kids, and he said ian gets testy when 25 kids rush to help him up. ANd he actually read about md when they told him, and he researched it online. Only he read for MD¬† not duchenne. Once i explained the difference, he was very quiet. THen he asked what he can do to help. Very nice guy. He’s been getting¬† more and more uneasy watching ian play with the other kids because they are so much bigger than he is. So he’s going to pull him out of things like dodge ball and shit just in case. I had a talk with ian about it, and he was actually relieved. He asked if he could just play with the ball on the side. Gym ain’t his thang. Poor kid.

BUT – to know that his class – his entire class – drops everything and runs to his aid if he needs something gives me a feeling I cannot explain.l It’s everything to know that your child is loved and well cared for everywhere. Especially by a class of 4th graders. I’m so glad we didn’t switch his school.

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  1. So GLAD you talked to the coach! And to know the kids support him. Awesome!

    Susan | December 9, 2013 | 12:53 pm

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