November 13, 2013

Im just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round. …

82%~ bio exam.   Yuck

94%~ psych exam    so-so

Music?  Not sure yet. 

Damn I’m running out of steam.  I hope they’re right when they say the last leg is going to be easy.  Well. .. all but one prof has said that.  Please let it be true.  Although i can already count 5  papers due by the end of the semester – 2 due before Turkey day. That’s not a long time away.

Ian couldn’t get out of the car this morning. His coat made him like a turtle on  its back.  His coat.  Coat.  If your coat is too heavy.. you got problems. I had to semi crawl back there and push him out. 

We’re going to donate the van back to the Cars for Christmas people. If they want to spend the money to fix everything that’s wrong with it,  they can have it. Mb2 uses his girl’s car cause he can’t afford the gas anymore.  That and the brakes.  Oh and the heat. Oh and the and the and the. …. never ends. Anyway. …were done with it.

I hate this weather.  Turns me into a weepy,  sleepy waste of a human. No amount of anti depressants or speed is helping.  Fine time to not be tanning. Psych prof said she goes every two weeks to avoid the blahs. JUst 5 minutes.  Just enough to soak in that good stuff.  Hopefully not long enough to suck in the bad stuff. 

People around here are strange.  The KIDS are strange.  I’m one of the nOrmal ones.

Heaven help us all. ..

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  1. I wonder if the “natural” light light bulbs would help you?

    Michelle | November 13, 2013 | 2:39 pm

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