October 7, 2013

hello my friend hello..

Finally found the whatever to clean the computer desk today. That meant I had to go through all the bills and paperwork.

I’m not sure how we’re going to make it with just his salary. I know we’ve been doing it damn near all our lives, but it’s never been an easy life. I might have to get a job, and then that would sucko for the educationo. I have 16 hours lined up for the spring. Sucks if I have to cancel.

I’ll pretend I’m going for a minute….

I found out – through the course of a lesson I was bitching about – that we only have to take 6 honors courses to qualify for honors. I am taking 4 right now. That means I won’t have to take advanced chemistry and calculus/physics. WHOOOOOHOOOOO!! I’m taking Early Modern Civilization. I think it sounds interesting. And also… colloquium again. and also….. regular chemistry (woot), regular algebra (woot) , and current state of the economy. As it turns out, to be a nurse you have to take these other two honors courses. People try to include them, but because of the rotating availability, I will end  up with 8-9 honors classes. Sweet. Not.

I am wanting to go study but I have to fix dinner. Dammit.

Why the hell do these people like to eat all the fucking time…..

eat eat eat ——- every fucking day, it’s eat eat eat……..

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  1. With our move I haven’t peeked in in a while….looks like you are doing awesome in school! It isn’t easy to balance it all out and you are makong it work.

    Deanna | October 7, 2013 | 6:36 pm

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