School called just now….

They have an internship lined up to be virtual if I a n wants it. I think that’s awesome. I think the school is awesome for customizing a job to meet his needs. I love that school. When he graduates next year, we will have spent 22 years total at the three schools here in town. Elementary, Middle, and High school. Those teachers have watched as the siblings one by one marched through school – each their own person. T y l e r graduated in 2009. I a n will graduate in 2022. I think the older boys were in 2 & 3rd grade when we moved back here. And here we stayed. I love this school. I love the small ass town that always gives a shit. Always. Everyone loves my disabled child and they go out of their way to accommodate him. Just amazing.

Saw the kids last night. Yesterday, whatever. Emily is growing very quickly. She smiles now for real, and she’s starting to make noises. She was fussy before the lip clip, guess it was hard for her to latch. Now she’s a little better. She can go longer between feeds because she’s actually eating this time.

I’m bored as a motherfucker. This time off is wonderful. And awful. I’m a mover. Not a sitter. I need to find something to do.