My gawd. Someone delete this mess and then shoot me.

I cannot get this blog shit to work out. I have no idea what I’m doing anymore because everything is different than it was 10-15 years ago when I wrote code.

Oh well. No sense bitching about it.

Let’s see.

Grand baby is growing every fucking second. She’s adorable. She has tongue and lip tie? ?? Going to be snipped Wednesday. Poor baby.

Got a new laptop. Meet the new HP. Same as the old HP. Just doesn’t sound like it’s eating itself like the old one.

How do you wipe a laptop? Want to give it to T y l e r , but I’d rather not give him every single tidbit about me. Let him ride it till it dies.

I’m in good place. So is J a s o n . Not trying to jinx it, but we have been working hard to be nice and to really listen to each other. Been real nice.

Had my bladder surgery. Very uncomfortable for a few days, but I feel great now – let’s see…. 12 days out. And I haven’t pissed myself. Of course, it takes 27 minutes to piss now, but who’s counting?

Was back to bowling, and I am doing pretty fantastic. Till the surgery. Now I can’t bowl and will probably lose my mojo.

31 anniversary is coming up.

What on Earth do I get him ?