Just a minute. Fucking smoke detector just went off. At 11:53 pm.

Yes, I was cooking. Fuck off. It wasn’t the dinner bell. Damn battery started dying or some shit. Loud. Annoying. Anyway, been awhile. Still trying to live more. I A N is actually doing well – considering. This medication seems to be helping. Thank God. It’s no cure, but it’s a start. Things seem to […]

Merry Christmas!

And Happy New Year since I’m lame and missed them earlier. But I was living again, and I would much rather live and forget to record or document, then I would to document the wait. Waiting to live to love to laugh. Fuck that. If I have a chance to live now, I’m living. Especially […]

Hello Again

As if anyone is listening. Damn, that’s pitiful. I’ve lost too many friends. I haven’t made enough new ones. Not close new ones. Not ones I can call at 2am because we have so much to catch up on. After not talking for a week. Or a month. Or three months. I could call J […]

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